Monday, May 14, 2012

Cotton Flannel Robes

Cotton Flannel Robes

On a blustery winter day, there is no comparison to the feeling of putting on a warm cotton flannel robe. Somehow the thought of putting on your robe eases the pain of leaving your warm covers behind. In many ways a good cotton flannel robe is simply an extension of your warm cozy bed covers. My favorite thing to do is to throw my robe into the dryer for a few minutes and then putting it on becomes truly heavenly. The other great thing about cotton flannel robes, besides how warm and comfortable they are, is that if you take even minimal care of them they can last you forever.

If you are a nerd like me, you are probably wondering where flannel originated from. Well luckily for you, I looked up the history of the cotton flannel robe and found its origin. Flannel originated in Wales from Welsh coal miners. Their wives needed to find a way to keep them warm while they were down in the coal mine, and so they created this warmer fabric. While you are most likely not wearing your flannel to a coal mine every day, flannel is beneficial. Think of the money you can save on your heating bills!

Most of these robes have a belt so they are adjustable, as well as pockets to easily carry a pair of reading glasses or your cell phone. And while flannel used to only come in blue or red, now you can find examples of these robes and other warm flannel night shirt examples in a variety of colors and patterns! Most recently I saw a funky red and black version from my favorite clothing catalog.

If you think you don't have much use for a cotton flannel robe, you are wrong! Cotton flannel robes are great for an evening in, as well as a lazy Sunday in front of the fireplace. There is nothing like grabbing a good book to read or just relaxing on the couch knowing you'll be nice and warm for the evening.

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